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During my free time, I google myself, my email address, and my old screen names to see what I come up with.  There’s this website that aggregates every ounce of information that’s available about one’s online presence.  And when I say that, I mean EVERYTHING.  Social networking accounts, your home address, what you’ve been doing and saying online, your music playlists, your PHOTOS, EVERYTHING!

The scariest part of this was when I did a search on my mother’s name.  And the information they have on her was pretty darn accurate.  I even saw a Google Maps result of the street I live on.  It was scary to see how someone can actually see the cornerstore I frequently visit.

It’s It’s a paid service that allows you to online stalk anybody you want.  I spent a few hours stalking myself online and let me tell you, it made me nervous.

Go ahead.  Try it.  Put in your email address.  Or your name.  (If you have a unique name, it sucks for you.  I wish I had a generic name to lessen the chances of any potential stalkers finding me.)

Did you run that search on yourself?  Are you surprised at what you’ve found?

So what can you do about it?  Easy!

The folks at Gilsmethod tells you how to delete your profile in a jiffy.

Now.  For that email address.

You can remove email address search results through our privacy page as well. Perform a search on the email address in question, and then use the URL of page to use for the privacy page. Here is the link for the privacy page: