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Unlimited Web Storage That Lasts Forever

Posted: June 19, 2010 in tools

Relying on your hard drive is a sure way to lose your data should it fail…  Storing things on the web is more secure because no one can steal it (that’s if you keep your login info to yourself), it won’t get lost (but if the file-hosting company dies, your files will probably die with it…  But I’m sure they’ll warn you ahead of time), and it won’t get broken into.  If you forget your hard drive (like I do many times…) you can just download the file from wherever you are. is the best way to go.  The best part is that the free features suffice for storage purposes.  The only pain is having to split files that are larger than 200 MB.  But that can be done using hjsplit, a program that splits and reconnects files.  (


Free Entertainment

Posted: June 19, 2010 in tools


– Use the keyword megaupload along with the movie title.  Ex: slumdog millionaire megaupload
– Sometimes, you might have to add .avi or whatever format you want.

– Use keywords mediafire or megaupload along with name of artist or album.  Ex: shirley bassey where do i begin mediafire


– Season number and episode number + keywords.  Example: rome s01e01 megaupload

Comic books…
– Title followed by .cbr extension.  Ex: surrogates .cbr
– Now you just have to go find a .cbr reader to open the file.

Lastly, my favorite media search engine never fails me for when I look for something. is another good one.

– Avoid downloading from  Preferred file-hosting services are: megaupload, 4shared, and Hotfile.